Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More progress, less laundry

Alright, I really should be doing the dishes and laundry but my crafty artsy things are progressing nicely and I can't put them down.

Something that I've been working on (for what seems like forever) are a series of 'dolls' inspired by this gorgeous creature made by Ingrid Petersen. I came across the image in a thrifted book (circa 1975) called Handmade Toys and Games which showcases some really fantastic stuff. What I loved about the doll was just how simply it was made... she's basically a cone... but look how all of the embellishments make her come to life.

So, I'm making a coven (as I often do) and here is the first witch of the gaggle using the same idea as the above.

She's made with a stuffed cone of raw silk. Her face is made of paperclay and directly attached to the cone. Her hair is brushed yarn and sewn to the tip of the cone. She has no arms or legs... but I don't think she's suffering without them :)

P.S. She's approx. 8" tall