Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I pulled out some old projects today to dabble with in between painting walls and doing dishes.

Here's the fellow that made the most progress today.

I find taking photos of my work really, really helpful. Looking at a photo helps to point out where more work needs to be done or other flaws that can be corrected. I think I'll darken up sluggy's head and add some detailing to his back.

Here's how he looking this morning before being attacked by a paintbrush.


  1. The hat makes the man. I love the stripes.

  2. so original and wonderful! I saw a slug standing guard at the opening of a wasps nest (I was out with the flashlight checking on our moon flower vine) ... I digress!
    Your creativity is fantastic!
    Lovely bathroom redo too, brilliant to frame your ATCs and hand them!