Friday, December 04, 2009

More craftin'

The noise issue continues... but so does the crafting!

I was organizing a Fairy Godmother Swap on craftster and swiped up the fantactulous Phizzychick for my partner. (NO PEEKING PHIZZY! THIS MEANS YOU! GO AWAY! AVERT YOUR EYES NOW!!!!)

When I packaged everything up the whole thing weighed about 2.5 kg and shipping was going to cost a whopping $90!!! WHA?!?!? Anywho, I took the package apart and sent in two parts instead which brought me down to less than half that, thanks be to the postal gods.

On to the goodies...

A Fairy Godmother Cupboard! It started life as a tacky thing found at the thrift shop for $5

Now it's home to a Star Duster...

... and an Official Fairy Godmother Wand

Here she is ready to be filled with goodies.

Some magic beans and buttons...

A Ball of Christmas Magic...

And Bottled Moonbeams too...

Lastly, what every Fairy Godmother needs... an Organization Kit which includes, slippers, a calendar, chocolate, a flask w/cozy and a tin of distractions.

Hopefully it doesn't take months to arrive and gets there safely. The shipping is always the most nerve wrecking part of swapping :)


  1. Wonderful package! I love the cupboard!

  2. Fantastic! Phizzy will be thrilled.

  3. Well, it might have taken 2 months, but it's finally here and I adore it all so much! Thank you so much for crafting this for me! x