Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Break! (Mother if you're looking avert your eyes!)

Woo hoo! We're off to visit our old home town for March break. We're so excited to see some dearly missed friends and to roam some favourite places.

It's funny but one of the things I miss is the bus. It's more than the freedom that public transit gives a gal who doesn't drive... it's the people watching, the funny stories and the few moments alone that I miss. I do not miss the smell of pee or the crazy people :)

Anywho, it's also my mum's birthday next week and I have her inchies all framed and ready to go. Here they are all bunched together...
And sitting in their pretty frame...
When I went to pick up the frame last night I could not believe the prices of some of them! Christ almighty, there were crappy fake wood plastic things for $30+ Eeesh. So I convinced the hubby to go to HomeSense and picked up this much prettier one at a reasonable price. Have I ever mentioned how much I love that store? The kiddo hates it when we start to go through the doors of that heaven. "NO! I don't want to go in there!" He knows that we lose all sense of time when we cross that threshold :)