Sunday, March 21, 2010

We're back

The kiddo and I have been away, spending some time in our old home town. The poor thing misses the city something terrible (I have to admit that I miss that big old place as well). Once back home I managed to do a little more work on my fat fibre book which is beginning to take shape. The pages still need quite a bit of work but I'm happy with the progress so far.

While we were away I picked up a few old photos for my collection. Just look at this old gal... she's wonderful!

And these two will make quite the pair :)

I'd like to image that if these two were a couple that, despite the stony exterior, they were probably quite a riot and suffered terribly from fits of giggles.


  1. if you look at how hard both of them are trying to hold back a good guffaw at the expense of the uptight photographer it's not hard to believe. The Mrs has a giggle trying to escape her pursed mouth. The other lady reminds me a bit of my Ma-in law, something about how she's holding her head

  2. I really look forward to see what you make with such a sweet couple!

  3. Oh I wish I had some old photos like that! I love making up stories about who they were! Wonderful scores!