Friday, April 23, 2010

It's a beautiful day. If it weren't for the thump and rumble from our neighbours across the street I might have been persuaded to play hooky from packing for a short while. At least the sound is motivation to forge ahead.

Once again we are living in a war zone. It's a battle between me and the boxes.

Most of the books and crafting goods have been packed away...

I did manage to get some crafting in though :)

Before packing up the herbs and oils in my cupboard I put together a kit of goodies to prepare the new house. There's Joy and Laughter Oil, House Blessing Incense, and a cleansing incense too. I'm also going to make up a nice big batch of Four Thieves Vinegar. The plan is to clean out the whole place and then seal in all the goodness I possibly can.
Anyone out there have their own magical moving tips?


  1. Oooh, I'd love to hear more about your oils and incenses :D

    The only thing that I can really add is that I try to thank the house as I go, and I tend to do a cleansing in each room that is fully packed. I try to dust/clean/wash everything before i pack it as well, so that I'm not dragging any bad energies with me.

  2. Sending you good juju with your adventures in moving. Just think positive & that energy will rub off on everything as you go.