Sunday, April 25, 2010

What was in those jars anyway?

Even if you aren't magically inclined, making your own incense is a great craft. Loose powdered incense has to be one of the simplest things there is to make... especially with the aid of an old coffee grinder.

Cleansing Incense

This is one of my top three favourite magical blends. I take a bit of frankincense and myrrh, add a healthy dose of copal and few drops of rosemary essential oil (though I'd prefer to use leaves). Grind it all up and ta da! you've got some of the best incense there is. I'll sprinkle this on a charcoal and walk through the house, using the smoke to cleanse our new space. It's fantastic stuff and it smells a treat.

Joy and Laughter Oil

Nice quality almond oil with citrus essential oils blended in (orange/grapefruit/lemon). I also tossed in some dried orange peel since I'm a sucker for natural floaty bits in my oils. I'll use the oil to anoint some very pretty candles I bought and light them in the new house to ensure loads of happiness throughout.

House Blessing Incense

Dragons Blood, benzoin and lavender ground into a fine powder. I'll sprinkle a bit on a glowing charcoal to seal in all the goodness.

If you don't have a local occult or new age shop you can find many of the ingredients for making incense from health food stores and shops that focus on eastern goods and food stuff.