Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'm feeling a bit icky today. My sinus/ear/throat is bugging me. I sort of wish I could have lounged on the couch and done nothing today but there's just too much to do. Work, unpacking, cleaning, laundry... ug.

But really, what's to complain about? I live in a postcard for god sake.

The kiddo and I had a bit of a shouty match this morning and so it was "NO TV!" after school today. It really shouldn't be a punishment because he always comes up with great ways to entertain himself. Today it was building a giant fort out of our empty moving boxes. Here he is having a much deserved freezie afterwards.

Inside I was baking pie. I didn't feel like it. God knows I didn't feel like it but the hubby has been nagging for one so I obliged.

There's a whole lot of love in that pie.
P.S. Anyone else get stupid formatting issues on blogger? I'm thinking of switching because it's such a pain in the bottom.