Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Praise Be!

We have a strange little spot in our new house. There is this weird sort of hallway that connects the old part of the house to the newer addition. It's painted quite dark and is sort of dim and sombre, it's awkward and doesn't quite fit with the brightness of the rest of the house.

Our cookbook shelf happens to fit perfectly in this strange walk through and since gluttony is probably the sin we are most guilty of, what better place to display all the religious bits and bobs that have found their way to us.

Speaking of finds... check out this fantastic find. I picked up a pair of these lovelies at a Christian School garage sale last weekend for just $1!

We still have some items waiting to be unpacked that will finally have a home in our confessional hallway (where the heck is that giant rosary?). All this packing/unpacking is a drag and I'll be glad when all of our things find homes.