Monday, July 19, 2010

Horseshoes & Pirates

My husband came home on Saturday with a lovely surprise. He'd gone to an auction and bid on a nice stack of old photos for me to play with. Some of them are from local photographers and it's fantastic to think that I've got some local history in my wee hands.

I'm in the process of scanning and cleaning up the dust and scratches in photoshop. This poor fellow had a scratched up eye (click to enlarge).

I like the aged look so I don't go over board with the 'fixing' but I do explore these people pretty closely. I was thinking about how intimate the process of fixing these photos is when I came across a lovely surprise. Check out the tie on that stuffy fellow above...

Horse shoes! How utterly awesome is that? I'm now madly in love with that old stranger :)

P.S. The pirate festival was a load of fun and we managed to pull costumes together, not only for ourselves but for our houseguests too! If anything, this encourages me to have more dress up clothes and costumes on hand at all times :)


  1. I love old photographs!! And that is an awesome find with the tie.

    You look great in your pirate garb!!

    What a wonderful surprise to find those horseshoes! =D

    And yes, your pirateyness is awesome! ^-^

  3. Haaaa! That's awesome! The combo of the mustache with the horse shoes is completely charming.

    Love your outfit for the pirate outing!!

  4. what a cheeky surprise. also I concur on having a stash of dress up clothes, there's nothing better than having your own tickle trunk.

  5. Hello again. I wanted to let you know that I have given you an award. See my blog for more info.