Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fairy Wands & Peeping Toms

I was sitting in my craft room watching Excalibur and making fairy wands when who should appear my my window? Another peeping tom frog!


I know he's a tree frog but it still amazes me that such a wee thing can make it all the way up to our second story window. I still prefer to think they are jumping up :)

Here's a sneak peek at the wee wands.

We're off to the local pirate festival in the morning and I'm very excited about maybe possibly dressing up. Hope the day is full of "Arrrgh, matey!"'s


  1. What wonderful wands! =D
    And the frogs are just great too... ^-^ I love it when wildlife decides to keep me company... It's just the best. Hope you all had a blast at the pirate festival! ^-^

  2. Oh, if only I'd known about the Pirate Invasion earlier! Hope you had a tar-riffic day!

  3. Those wands are marvelous! I wish frogs would visit me =(