Sunday, July 11, 2010

A visitor in the clothespeg bin

I adore our new home. The air is fresh and the views are stunning. The night sky is filled with gorgeous stars that actually twinkle. Birds sing to us all day long. It's a dream land. I just thank my lucky stars every day that bugs don't creep me out because they are everywhere, and they are huge. If I was, in any way leery of the creepy crawlies I'd be in serious trouble here.

This morning, as I was hanging laundry to dry, I found this fine fellow at the bottom of my clothes peg bin.

He was such a strapping thing that initially I thought it was a plastic bug my kiddo had misplaced. Nope. The legs gave a bit of a wiggle and I knew he was the real deal. I felt sort of bed for the guy, he was pretty sluggish and looked a little 'dented'.
After a few photos we returned him to the wild. It was a pretty exciting few moments for a seven year old boy... okay, I admit that I thought it was pretty cool too.

P.S. So, I guess this guy is a member of the scarab family. He likely lives in a hollow of one of the old trees that we have on the grounds. Apparently you can keep them as pets! If I find another maybe we'll feed it lovely things for a while before sending him back out to fend for himself.