Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning....

We're all in a tizzy here as we're expecting house guests tomorrow. Our good friends from our old home town are coming up for a little stay. The kiddo is extra excited to see his good friend, whom he has known since pre-school, and has loads of things he wants to see and do with him. I'm crossing my fingers very tightly that no one gets into the poison ivy. Just in case I've done a happy home spell to encourage only good things :)

Not too much going on here craft wise. I've been organizing my stash which had somehow made it's way into four jumbled boxes. Now I just might be able to find those little bits and bobs that were escaping my crafty fingers. Here's a completed page for the the Round Book Tip In Swap now on it's way...

"Things with Wings"

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  1. I'm so loving the round paged books! Your page is fantastic.

    I blogged my fairy journals today with a little nod to you!