Monday, October 04, 2010

Fairy File: Exhibit B

A short while ago I provided evidence of fairy activity on our property, a magic pumpkin.

For all of you who are still not convinced, I am excited to share some new evidence today.

Yesterday we saw a white ball at the bottom of our hill... the husband nearly went mad with excitement.

"That can't be. Is that a puffball? That's a puffball! It's a giant puffball! It's like finding a truffle in the garden." And so for over an hour I had to hear about the fabled puffball mushroom.

Anywho, I remembered seeing a few white spots in the back field so we off we went to see if more puffballs had sprouted. There weren't any more puffballs but there were about a zillion other mushrooms.

They are all sorts of sizes and shapes and colours. They are growing alone, and in clumps and clusters. Some were growing in neat straight lines and there was this...

Exhibit B: The Fairy Ring

Eavesdropping frogs, magic pumpkins, faerie rings... I wonder what will pop up next?