Tuesday, October 05, 2010

WIP's What do you think is behind door no. 1?

So I've got a few things on the go at the moment. Some I can't share because they are in swap secret mode. But I can show you two works in progress...

First, a bearded lady. This is my second attempt at a hairy gal, the first looked like a man with lady hair. Truth be told many bearded lady photos I came across looked like men with lady hair. Anyway, this fine female is coming along much better than the last time. Fingers crossed she turns out super because I've swapped her for something quite fantastical from one of my favourite artsy folk.

Next is this wee little cupboard. I really rather love it. It's just the right size for something but I have no idea what. I've been sticking all sorts in there but nothing seems quite right. Any ideas as to what might be hiding behind those doors? I'd love to hear your ideas...
...and swiftly run away, crafting them into something grand :)


  1. An ornate fairy hat? A tiny tea set? A remarkably small book? A painted feather? A small canvas with the tiniest of paintings on it? A leprechaun's pipe and hat? A fairy wand and crown?

  2. A fortune teller is behind those doors!
    Can't wait to see the finished painting!

  3. looooove the bearded lady! how lucky the person getting that is...

  4. That bearded lady has gotten my mind full of the Circus, so I think there will be a creepy clown or a fortune teller behind those doors!