Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Real McCoy... no really.

I am a wealth of useless knowledge. For some reason my brain can't seem to remember what was for dinner 2 nights ago but some trivial factoid from 15 years ago sticks in there like nobody's business.

Last night I made a batch of cookies and after the goodies had cooled I took down my cookie jar to store them in. This is my cookie jar.

A few years back, on the way home from the kiddo's swim lesson, we stopped by a yard sale at a seniors centre. Our eyes met from across the room and it was love at first sight. "How much for the head?" I asked the old gal behind the table. "One dollar." she replied. And fast as lightening my loony was out and he was coming home with me. I was terribly excited about my bargain, I mean look at him! He's so fantastic.

And so, for a couple of years now I've been storing cookies in this head. I've carefully packed him up for each of our moves. I've shown him off, putting him on permanent display in each of my kitchens. But it wasn't until last night, when I tipped him upside-down to remove some old rouge cookie crumbs that I noticed this...

Remember when I said that I am wealth of useless knowledge? I just happen to know that the saying "The real McCoy" originated because of McCoy pottery. A quick look online and that $1 cookie jar I loves to bits was made between 1952-54 and is worth about $250.

I'm still keeping my cookies in it.


  1. My grandparent's collect McCoy Pottery! I think that is one of the few cookie jars they don't have! Grandma has the teepee. What a wonderful find and for only a $1. You are a lucky girl!

  2. i did not know that's where the saying came from! how cool is that. most people would kill for a bargain like that! lucky you!

  3. Awesome! The best finds always work out like that. Certainly an Antiques Roadshow moment...I know, I'm lame :)

  4. It puts a face to the description! I love it!

    I once saw a friar tuck cookie jar at an antique shop in St. Jacobs....I think it was about $85 though and thus I did not buy it.

    I should take a picture of my goblin to show you! Oh! I'll do that tomorrow!

  5. Wow!! That is fantastic on all counts!!

  6. awesome mccoy history of your find!