Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Baron Von Kringlemas

I've been busy working on four different dolls over the past week or so. The Baron Von Kringlemas is the first to be completed. He's an eccentric high ranking Christmas elf who loves camels and hot toddy's :)

I'm pleased as punch with his hoity, twisty moustache.

He's got some pretty spiffy buttons too!

And who doesn't love stripey legs with jingle bells and pointy toes?

The best thing about the Baron is that he is a surprise! He'll be leaving for his new post shortly... I sure hope his new family doesn't mind uninvited guests for the holidays :)


  1. I just simply adore him! That charming mustache, those fancy buttons, and stripy legs! Oh my! I could go on and on about his wonderfulness! He can come and set up shop here anytime.