Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ottawa Adventure

My husband worked the big Wine and Food show in Ottawa this past weekend. My auntie lives there so the kiddo and I tagged along too and did some visiting and sightseeing.

One of our very favourite places to go in Ottawa is the Museum of Natural History. It's such a great old building and the dino displays are fantastic. It's truly an inspiring place to be and I highly recommend it if you love all that old stuff :)

Here's the kidlet on the stair case. If you visit the museum look around carefully and you'll find animals hidden all over the place.

A magnificent old specimen shadow box of strange deep sea creatures. Just look at those labels!

How fantastic is this old deep sea diving boot? The whole suit was wonderful but the boots are what really got me.

This aquarium was mindblowingly colourful. I like to imagine that some dinosaurs were colourful pinks and purples... I mean we really don't know that they weren't. Who knows, perhaps some of those big buggers were polka dotted.

Perhaps my favourite exhibit was a gallery of giant moth photos. There were so very lovely and it was tempting to reach out and stroke the photos to see if they were really that furry and fuzzy (I just barely managed to contain myself) The photographers name is Jim de Rivières and he managed to turn those lowly moths into something quite spectacular and magical.

The other exhibit which the kiddo and I loved was a collection of frogs. The colours, sizes and shapes of those things is fascinating. There was a very neat zoetrope there which showed a frog jumping and a computer where the kiddo virtually dissected a frog. I took a load of photos of the frogs but I'll just share this one for now... I wish I had written down what type it was *sigh* ... anyway it was the most fantastic shade of minty green and looked as though it was made of marshmallow. Simply awesome.

We had a grand time at the museum then had lunch in the market. We got lost on the way back to aunties house and had to call her to come and pick us up. LOL Now we're safe and sound back home from our big adventure.


  1. My grands are going to love to see what another NHM looks like and has on exhibit. They too are big fans of great places like these. Thanks for the excellent pictures. The Olde Bagg

  2. I love the specimen box and the frog! What a great place to take your boy (or did he take you?) ;-)

  3. Wonderful adventure! I love those sorts of places.

  4. What a gorgeous looking building! Those boots look like a Steampunk dream!

  5. What a fun trip! =D
    I love museums... I think I'll have to go find one to roam around in for a while. ^-^

    Those diving boots are so awesome. They make the steampunk in me squee with delight.

    The moth is breath taking. Such beauty... S/he truly looks magical! And I was tempted to touch my computer screen to see if it had turned fuzzy too... ^-^

    Glad you had a fun trip! You've got a lucky kiddo. ^-^