Friday, February 25, 2011

Making of Faerie Spying Stones

Here's the little bit I wrote for Danni over at the Whimsical Cottage. Hop on over there to see all the faerie goodness :)

~ The Making of Faerie Spying Stones
Faeries are a sly bunch. They are quick as a wink and well camouflaged to boot. It’s difficult to get a good look at the wee things. I often catch a fleeting glance of them while I hang my laundry on the line. While daydreaming they dance in my peripheral vision.

There are a number of ways to get a good look at the wee folk. One of those ways is by looking through a Faerie Stone (also called a hag stone, witch stone, holy stone, holed stone).

It is said that a true and proper Faerie Stone is a natural stone in which a hole has been formed by the elements. The stones should be found by the user, not purchased, gifted or traded for their true magical potential to be realized. But there’s a great deal of power in your thoughts and the energy of making. I say you might just be able to catch a glimpse if you create your own.

In Raven Grimassi’s book “Hereditary Witchcraft” he gives instructions on making a sort of Faerie Stone called a Faerie Sight Stone. Flowers, leaves and pollen are added to clay, a holed disk is made, and when ready, it is painted black with four white lines. “Legend says that Fairies can be sighted by looking through such a disc.”

Make your own version of a Faerie Sight Stone by adding faerie flowers, good intentions and charms to your own hand made holed stone. Wear it around your neck on a length of ribbon or hang it by your front door so that it’s always on hand for peeking at the fae.

Especially good times to try and spy faeries through your stones are: noon and midnight, mid-summers night, twilight hours, May Day, Halloween. Some say that you need to walk backwards and recite a specific chant too!
For specific instructions on how to make these, you can skip over to to this page at Pixie Hill.

** Please remember the spirit in which these are made. Sharing with friends, giving as gifts, making as a group project, leaving for strangers to find is absolutely encouraged. Selling them is not so nice and may just irk the faerie folk into pinching you in your sleep and tripping you up as you walk along. Don't say I didn't warn you ;)