Thursday, February 24, 2011

A peek inside my cupboard

I managed to clean out my witchy cupboard today. I thought you might like a peek inside...

The top level has some nice chunky pillar candles (although I prefer glass prayer or dinner candles), assorted glass bottles, my oils and magical powders and blends, almond oil, candle holders, a mini cast iron cauldron, matches, charcoal bricks (which I buy by the case!) and hiding in the back is a coffee grinder I use to make incense.

The next shelf has a bunch of and spices.
Many of those baby good jars are from when my kiddo was just a wee little baby!

All of my essential oils are in that black case. It's best to keep them in the dark. That red and white container at the back has all my four leaf clovers in it, those funky tongs are for picking up hot coals and the basket is jammed full of resins for incense as well as things I've picked up along the way... bat's head seed pod, bluing balls, snake skin... all sorts of cool things that will prove useful one day ;)

On the left hand side of this shelf houses the things I really don't want to mingle with my herbs or oils. There's black poppet filling, grave dust, sulphur... the "just in case" things. The other side is just packaging. Little plastic zipper bags, glass vials,  candle wicks... the boring stuff really :)

And that's it! Most of my witchery is out in the open, here and there, all about my house but I thought you might like a peek inside ;)