Thursday, March 24, 2011

What are little boys made of?

I've put the finishing touches on that wip I showed off a while ago.

My intention was to make a collection of things that an imp might pick up and hold for safe keeping but things sort of changed direction in the middle. Instead it became a sort of homage to little boys. Lost buttons, skipping stones, birthday candles and missing game pieces, these are what boys are made of.

I do like this piece but it sort of makes me a little sad too. I suppose it's all of those the little memories tugging at my heartstrings. Despite all my swearing, I am very squishy and sentimental inside :P

Although I've been completely bombarded with design work and germs this past month, I've started a new project. I'm really excited about it and having a lot fun. It's not in the least bit serious and a complete departure in both medium and subject for me. I can't wait to show it off, though it might not be your cup-o-tea... you'll just have to wait and see *lol*


  1. I can hardly wait to see the new work....and btw, I don't think you have anyone fooled...I know I tried for years to make um think me an olde bagg but well.....tears and all, ya know?

  2. Oh this is simply perfect!! It would look great being hung as wall art in a young boy's room. Love it and cannot wait for your next project!

  3. It's a wonderfully squishy piece... and profane sentimental women rock. Or so I tell my husband, lol.

  4. I love this so, so much!! The little army man up in the corner is just perfect! I can't wait to see what you're working on too!

  5. What a fun piece! Perfect for a little guy! :0)
    Anxiously awaiting your next project.....

  6. The spots on the roof are excellent, like a toadstool :) You always make such wonderful things!

  7. very sweet this is. And it's ok to be a little squishy sometimes too! :)

  8. it is so beautiful and cute! what do you do with all those small things? do you have them all around the house?
    i'm so curious to see what you're working on. please don't let it be too long!!