Sunday, March 13, 2011

Party Like A Rock Star

I'm bushed! Today our kidlet had some friends over to celebrate his birthday. It was a bit of a rushed affair as it wasn't until last week that the kiddo decided that he wanted a Rock'n Roll party. It was a mad dash to pull it all together. I didn't get to cram in everything I hoped to, but there's always next year to do bigger and better :) Anyway, on to the goods...

The invites were done up like backstage passes.

There was a red carpet to greet the kids at the door.

The signs just encouraged them to break in : P

We had a mini photo shoot and I did a 'magazine' cover for each of the kids. I used a white backdrop for easy cropping and made the template so that I could just drop each kids' photo in and change the name.

Here they are checking out some of the finished covers.
I covered my drafting table with fresh paper and let the kids graffiti it. It was a good spot for the kids to go when they felt a bit overwhelmed and needed a few minutes of quiet. Boys can make A LOT of noise and be pretty rambunctious.

On the menu? Candy sushi, fruit salsa, fruit kabobs, cheese and crackers, chips, hotdogs, hamburgers...

and a mini ice cream bar! D already had 2 birthday cakes (lucky kid!) so we decided not to have another one at the party.

Each kidlet got to take home their magazine cover and fancy swag bag.

If I had to do it over again (or had more time) I would have organized more activities and given gold records as the prizes. The kids spent A LOT of time whacking each other with balloons and driving the Mr. insane :)

... but I think the little trouble makers had a pretty good time.


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! I bet you've just raised the bar for local parents by a couple of notches!

    The amount that D. has grown up since six months ago is astounding. I know that a year at that age is like ten to us old 'uns, but yikes! Is it as startling a transformation when you see him every day?

  2. How fun!!!! Makes me want to be a kid again.....

  3. that is by far the most amazing idea for a birthday party!! i don't have kids but I am putting that little gem of an idea in the back of my brain in the hopes that one day I'll have a few rock stars of my own!
    As if the red carpet and back stage passes weren't enough, the magazine covers...AMAZING!!!

  4. He'll remember it forever. You're a great Mom!

  5. What a fabulous party!! I want some of the candy sushi. Look like an amazing time.

  6. This looks like an absolute blast! XD
    You're amazing... I don't know how you pulled all that together last minute! Awesome. Your kiddlet looks like he had tons of fun, as do his friends. ^-^

    Happy Bday D! =D