Thursday, March 10, 2011

A whole village (& a swamp too)

I'm swamped. I secretly love being busy so you shouldn't feel badly for me in the least. Things might be pretty quiet around here over the next couple of weeks. Don't worry about the silence, it's just me chipping away at my day job.

I managed to make a wee village from the teeny weeny houses I created. It hasn't reached it's destination yet but I think it's safe to share.

There's a little pond

Farms with petals, flower buds and seed pods.

Unfortunately the 'arch' snapped while I was packing it for shipping *insert sad sigh* so the new owner will get the wee village without it's topper. Ah well, I was afraid it would break during shipping so I'm glad I could remove all evidence before it went on it's way.


  1. AMAZING!!! and stunning girl!! :D :D :D

    I have a bunch of mini houses that are waiting for this project, i want to put them inside a light bulb and then over some tree ... :D I wil take ipcs when i do it!!!

    Your village looks so delicated! I hope it arrived safe! And i bet the new owner is MORE than happy with that treasure!

  2. So cute! I love all the natural elements you've added.

  3. Wow!! That is absolutely stunning!!!

  4. it's magical! your water is fantastic, and all the tiny natural it.

  5. HEY!!! I am proud to be the lucky recipient. You really have to see it in person to understand how amazing and teeny tiny it is! You're the best knickertwist!! :D

  6. Oh wow, oh wow. This is so wonderful! I want to live there... That water, those wee homes, just wow!