Monday, July 11, 2011

Apologies and art

I don't know about the rest of you but I'm having a hell of a time leaving comments on some blogs. If you've left a comment here chances are I visit your blog. I try to comment when I stop by because so many of you make me laugh, make me think, and inspire the heck out of me but lately, whenever I try to leave a little message, I get caught in this vicious loop and where I'm continually returned to the google log-in. If anyone knows how to fix this let me know because it's annoying me to no end. In the meantime accept my apologies for not leaving bits of love on your bloggy doorsteps, I'll be blowing silent kisses your way until I can find a way to fix this blasted problem.

Last week I cleaned up my craft space (a gigantic task that needs to be done far too often because I am horribly messy) and came across some canvas' from a failed Dr. Who Tardis experiment. Rather than pitch the ugly things in the bin I decided to make some large scale waxed collage portraits.

Each of the canvas' measures 8x10 and is created using layers of paper, paint, lace, fabric, bark, twigs, matches, stamps, petals, flowers and lots of beeswax.


  1. I know what you mean about comments,and some blogs have another application and im 2837263 hours looking "where is the post comment" button!! jajajajajaja

    When ih ave the problem you say i just lo off and in again and it works ... but sometimes i g et tired and close everything :D jajaja

  2. I was having the problem for a little bit too. I updated my web browser (I use Firefox) and cleared out my cookies and have been able to comment just fine ever since. I hope you get it sorted out soon!

    I'll be moving my craft space to a new room in the next week or two, so I need to do some clearing and cleaning too. No need to move piles of random stuff from the old space to the new. ;)

  3. I've been having some problems with posting comments too. It's been a major pain. These days, I copy my comment, just to make sure I don't lose it.

    Looooove the layering on your new art pieces! Makes me want to touch them :D

  4. Oh blogger is a pain....
    I love your save of your work. The depth of the wax is fabulous. Silk purse/sow's ear syndrome is sometimes the very best. The Olde Bagg

  5. wow, love your waxy canvases - beautiful.
    i had the same problem with leaving comments, i spent days trying to figure it out. i finally found the forum where everyone else was complaining about the same problem, and blogger responding they were aware and working on the problem...meanwhile try this....
    i deleted cookies, browsing history, etc. then deselected the "stay logged on" option of google. that seemed to help.
    very frustrating, as i have a brand new computer! good luck

  6. I love the new works! The texture looks amazing! Yay! I'm not the only one that leaves my space in a horrid mess and then it takes a week to get it back to normal! LOL

  7. Blogger is definitely a pain! I tend to leave comments now with just the name and URL option because I end up in that same vicious cycle. If a blog is set up where the comments open on a separate page (like yours), I have no problem posting.
    I am in love with your wax canvases!!! There is so much texture, they are gorgeous!!