Thursday, July 07, 2011

Garden Update

Just a quick update today. Life's hectic again, cleaning for visitors due this weekend, weeding the veggie patch, taking care of the cluckers and entertaining the Big D so we don't lose our minds a mere week into summer vacation.

Big D took a few of these photos of our gardening efforts... she's coming along quite nicely :)

Beet tops 






Brussel Sprouts

I'll be pleased as punch when we can stop buying veggies from the shops for a while. Come on Mother Nature! Do your stuff baby!


  1. What a beautiful garden! We really should try brussel sprouts. Will you can, dry or freeze the excess to put things by for the winter?

  2. For the sprouts we'll probably freeze some and try to keep a stalk or two intact in a cool place. The other time we grew them we didn't get much of a harvest and just gobbled them all up!