Thursday, August 18, 2011

Swiping ideas = Summer Project

Have you heard of It's one of those sites that quickly sucks you in. It's filled with lovely and wonderful things and provides endless inspiration. Yesterday I saw this ...

I was smitten and immediately compelled to have a spiral in my own garden. So I pulled Big D away from the tv today and we weeded, collected rocks and created a fairy spiral in the front garden.

Not quite as grand as the inspiration but I think the faerie folk will enjoy skipping about it. If I play my cards right, maybe next year I can convince the husband to make a big and proper one so I can skip along too!


  1. That is beautiful -I totally love yours more than the inspiration because it really draws you in along the path!

  2. Love it! We've got an herb mound spiral out back. It looked a lot better when we first built it a few years ago and I don't do a thing to keep it up but I know it's out there and has the only sage, chives and lemon balm on our property. :-)

  3. I agree, yours is much better, more natural looking and therefore more likely to invite the wee folk in