Friday, January 27, 2012

A no snow, snow day

I mentioned the wacky weather yesterday. Today we have a snow day with no snow.  There are no school buses running anywhere near us today. Here's why...

Doesn't look too bad. Until you take a closer look...


Everything is covered in ice. And I do mean every, single, thing. Every little blade of grass.

That may not look like too much to worry about until you realize that means every road is covered in a fine layer of slippery wet ice too. Add to that mix the crazy hilly nature of the land, a few insane drivers and you've got a disaster waiting to happen. Thank the heavens for the transportation gods who decided our kids were safer at home today.

Heck, even the dog was sliding about as he was trying to preform his morning 'ritual'. lol

Maybe, just maybe, I can convince D to join me in a bit of painting today... though I won't hold my breath.


  1. I think it looks so pretty when everything is covered in ice but it makes me so sad when tree branches and things get broken from the weight of it =(

  2. We've experienced this three times so far this winter due to warm Chinook winds. It's actually a pretty terrifying thing to try to drive in so good on your school district for closing schools.

    It's a beautiful weather phenomena, but it certainly has a dark side. Stay safe!

  3. We were spared that, and got only a bit of rain, but you could see that a degree or two colder and it would've been very nasty. You're lucky your power and phone lines survived.

  4. Yikes!! That looks much scarier than snow. Hope you guys stay safe and warm. The pics of the grass blades is beautiful. I'm so glad you've made warm homes for all of the magical creatures in your yard.

  5. Eek... @_@

    I'm so glad your transportation gods are wiser than ours... There was a day last week that they totally should have canceled school, but didn't. Idiots.

    Hope you had a fun day with your kiddo, whether there was painting or not. ^-^