Monday, April 02, 2012

An altered fairy chip board book

I've had this chipboard book sitting around for quite some time. When I came across it while cleaning a couple of weeks ago I was inspired to jump in with both feet and just do it. And so, after many, many hours it's finally complete! You may have seen a couple of the pages but here's all 10 layouts and some of the chunky goodness...


I kinda love the pointing finger on the back.

I removed the ring and opted for an extended Chicago screw to put the thing together. It's quite a fussy to rotate the pages because of the 3dimentional bits but I'm really pleased with them. There are a couple of slips of sort of gossamer between a couple of the layouts but I might add some vellum and parchment between the rest for protection sake. Besides, a little extra chunk never did any harm ;)

P.S. Great Wolf Lodge has restored my faith in customer service! They sent us a bit of a refund and said they sent the maintenance crew in to fix the air/heating unit in the room. Huzzh!