Monday, April 23, 2012

itty bitty friends

We went to an auction yesterday. It was not a rusty things auction, but a small animal/bird/poultry auction. They sell pigeons, chickens of all sorts, ducks, peacocks and rabbits. This is the second year we've attended this particular shin-dig. Last year we got frustrated and left early. This year we made it over half-way through and came home with a few new friends.

We bought the tiniest box with these little fellows in it. Can you guess what type of bird he is?


Hint: When we reenact the 12 days of Christmas he'll come in very handy.... so long as the pear trees survive the sudden chill and snow today.

Big D also got a little something, a furry little dwarf hamster. No word on a name for him just yet but he's very cute except for the red gleam in his beady eyes which totally freaks me out. Ah well, the kidlet actually cleaned his bedroom for the furry bugger so he can't be completely evil.



  1. What fun! We wanted to do the chicken thing here but alas that wont be happening and my guess is that they don't like that sort of thing in town ;-)
    We've done the dog, Guinea Pig, Exotic frog and snake thing.I even babysat a rat for a time. Beside being terribly allergic to it, it was the coolest of rodents!

  2. What a wee cutie you've got there! Make sure you teach him his part in the Christmas carols so when we get back to day 1 he can belt it out with everyone!

  3. Hard to believe how tiny the little fella is! Why was last year's sale a no-go for you?

  4. Wulf: We last year got there 8am, it was cold and dreary, the caller was a total grump, it's crowded, people stand in the way and you can't tell what's up when. This time was exactly the same only I had a blanket, a chair and plenty of coffee... those things make just about anything bearable!

  5. omg!! how cute is that little guy!!?

  6. Waaaaay too cute! I've been to something similar - with all sorts of birds - the button quail were always the ones I could barely resist - but your little partridge is in close contention! :)