Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Muddy Floor = Happy Kid

Sometimes it feels like you just can't win.

On one hand you have a bazillion commercials for cleaning products, 10 trillion pins on how to clean everything with baking soda and peroxide, and gorgeous photos of pristine, dustless homes reminding you just how messy your own place is. Truthfully, my house is a disaster most of the time.

On the other hand we're told "the cleaning can wait, play with your kid!" Put down the mop and play Just Dance 3 until your feet fall off! Yes, yes, yes, there are times when the laundry can wait and round of golf in the dining room is in order... but sometimes my kid is forced to entertain himself. *gasps!*

Anyway, here's evidence that world doesn't come to an end when the floor isn't mopped and that sometimes digging a 3 foot hole in the garden all by himself is exactly the right thing for a 9 year old to do.

When D picked up these boots this morning (yes, I left that mess over night) he was delighted. "Wow! Cool! Mum, look at my boots!" How can you argue with that?

On the flip side of muddy messes...

... a tiny little something pink for Alpha Stamps "Think Pink" challenge. Make something, anything at all, that incorporates something pink, post a photo on their facebook wall, and you could win a fabulous shrine by Teri Calia. You have until May 15th to enter so get those crafty fingers working! All the official details are HERE.

What's that? No pink in your crafty stash? Haven't placed an order with Alpha Stamps yet? No worries, they're offering a free digital Pink Fairy ATC collage sheet by emailing [email protected]

Happy crafting & good luck :)


  1. now that rocks... i have muddy floors on occasion. two boys and an outdoorsy girl. thanks for stopping by my lil blog

  2. those boots are definitely a muddy work of art ;)

    and your pink creation is wonderful...great on its pedestal!

    time can be the most elusive of commodities for certain!


  3. I need to get more excited about mud - and everything else! I loved your "free ice" tweet today too. Oh - to have that kind of energy all the time!

    Your pink girl is sweet!

  4. He'll always remember digging that hole. :) Love your little pink girl!

  5. Those boots look great...that's life:)

    Your pink creation is adorable.

    Thanks for your kind visit and your lovely comment!

    Gaby xo

  6. I learned a long time ago that a "lived in" house is seldom clean. Especially if there are young feet afoot. :0) And those exciting adventures can't wait for those who are young at heart!

    Your Pink Fairy is so pretty!!! Good Luck!

  7. Your happy kid sounds similiar to our happy dogs - holes in the yard and muddy paws :).

    Love your little shrine. So romantic!