Friday, April 13, 2012

Peep, peep, chirp, chirp!

There are 14 new friends in the studio today. 10 fuzzy yellow chicks and 4 fluffy yellow ducks. Paddy is beside himself. He's enthralled with the little peepers.

This will be our 3rd set of chicks. We raise them for eating. Sometimes people are horrified when they see those gorgeous fluffy birds and find out they'll be dinner in just a few months. You get past those tugs at the heart strings when they reach the stage where they act like horribly rude, bossy, greedy poop machines.

This is our first set of ducks and I wonder if the same thing will apply to them. They are far too cute for their own good and much more entertaining than the chicks. We've already named the ducklings too (very bad sign) Tank, Connie, Fifi and Doug. Too bad we can't tell any of them apart at the mo'.

But for now we'll just enjoy the bundles of fuzz and let them a have cozy life under the heat lamps for a wee while :)