Wednesday, April 04, 2012

We are but dust and shadow.

Before Christmas I was approached to paint a custom skateboard.

I agreed and that board sat in my to-do pile for eons while the gentleman who sent it to me waited patiently.

I finally got my act together and started on the board. About 80% of the way though I decided the design was terrible. I started over.

The gentleman still waited patiently.

And today, after ages and ages, the board is FINALLY done! Here she be....

The words are "Pulvis et umbra sumus" which is Latin for "We are but dust and shadow."

I'm pretty pleased with it and would love to see it when it's truly complete: stained, sealed and decked out with wheels and stuff. I really hope that nice fella likes it too after his wait which was FAR too long (poor guy).


  1. I like it if that means anything. Great job!

  2. It's beautiful! Wonderful work!! I know the nice gentleman that it belongs to will love it as well1 :0)

  3. Very cool! He will love it, I am sure. :)

  4. I would say that was well worth the wait. Beautiful...and I love the saying too!!

  5. oh my gosh, love it! what a great job you've done!
    (i am suffering through a couple of those tasks right now...that sounded fabulous when i agreed to them, and somehow when it comes down to the doing, have lost their magic glimmer....)