Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The faeries are out and about!

The faerie folk here are getting rather excited about the upcoming summer solstice. There's been loads of activity over the past few days. Lots of found objects like butterfly wings, bright blue feathers and empty robins eggs. Tiny toadstools dot the lawn. And there are more butterflies here than we've ever seen before!

There's been toads aplenty these past couple of weeks too. I am sure that they are the watchmen of the faerie world. This grumpy fellow was particularly put off by our presence and I'm certain I heard him say "Hrmph!" when I snapped his photo.

If you happen to be in Prince Edward County this Saturday, June 16th, stop by Casa Dea Estates Winery and say 'Hiya!'. They're celebrating their 3rd anniversary and have opened up their banquet hall to local artists. There'll be lots to see, do and taste so drop in and see what all the hub-bub is about :)