Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to Hinge a House ;)

I made these little hinged birdhouses a short while ago. They remind me something the Victorians might have kept as love tokens... or maybe memorials... creepy buggers ;)

Anyway, here's a quick 'how to' if you'd like to make your own.

With Alpha Stamps Chipboard Birdhouse Shapes as a template, I cut out four houses, using complimentary papers, for each house I want to make. (Side note: I have totally become a Graphics 45'er) To make one house you'll need to cover the front and back of two chipboard birdhouse shapes.

Leave one house intact, this will be the interior background of the house.  The second house you will slice into four parts as shown above.

Glue the two outer most edges to the base house shape.

Now you'll want to glue some hinges into place. These ones swing in the correct direction. Here's some things to think about when attaching the hinges...

• align the swing of the hinge directly over your cut
• use strong glue and let it dry completely before trying to open your house
• make sure your hinges swing in the correct direction!
• do not glue the moving part of the hinge! Keep your glue to the edges.
• for a stronger piece use two hinges on either side
• stiff hinges are more likely to cause problems opening and closing the doors.

To finish off the hinges I added some tiny nail head stickers.

Now open those suckers up and embellish to your hearts delight!