Monday, June 25, 2012

It's not ugly... it's a stage 2

On our travels yesterday we stopped at a fabulous little studio called the Artful Garden Gallery. The artist, Sharon Ramsay Curtis, does the most delightful watercolours, very charming. We got to talking about this and that and she showed me an amazing dollhouse that belonged to her daughter.

Any who, we had a chat about painting and I mentioned that I'm working on a rather large piece and that it's absolutely hideous at the moment. She told me that I shouldn't say it's uguly but that it's a "Stage 2" painting. I rather like that :)

Here's another 'Stage 2' painting I've been working on this morning.

It's about 60% done. Loads of fiddling left. Hopefully I'll get it done before the end of the week when D starts summer vacation.