Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Other Slipper

About a week ago I posted a ballet slipper shrine. Here is the other half of that pair...

There's something extra special about this particular slipper...

There wasn't extra love or glitter put into it...

This one will be placed in a big glass jar and left for a stranger to find!

I'm not sure where to place it just yet. I have a couple of ideas where I'd like to put it for finding. I'm sort of torn between leaving it in the children's section of the library, behind my favourite pizza joint, in an old tree stump or just in the middle of the sidewalk somewhere. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. OhMy! Wouldn't this be a most incredibly wonderful find. You will certainly make someone's day (you could hide it under the giant spruce tree in my backyard- you have the addy! ;)

  2. I think any of those would be good but I'm most fond of the juxtaposition between "pizza joint" and "ethereal ballet slipper." Just my bias but hey :)

  3. Oh My GOSH! I love this & my Tinkerbell loving, fairy dreaming daughter would too! I think hiding it in a tree-stump or wooded area suits the fairy "theme" best :)