Wednesday, July 04, 2012

It's really flipping hot and other news

It's hot. I'm sticking to everything. 'Nuf said.

It may be a little quiet around here over the next while as I get ready for Brighton's Streetfest on July 14th and our VERY BIG (you can tell it's important because of the capital shouty letters) Open House on August 4th.

I've started revealing the fairy spots in the garden but there's a load of work left to do. I'm not sure just how much will get done in the heat but we'll see. Here's one of my very old trees in the first stages of 'fairyfication' (... that's my word now,  you can use it but you've got to give me credit.)

Also in Pixie news, "The Other Slipper" was bottled and has been abandoned.

I was sort of afraid of being spotted making the drop so I had two helpers do the deed for me. You can see the jar beside that white bucket on the left. No word from a finder yet but I'm not holding my breath that I'll get a reply at all ... though I'd love one... really... it would totally make my day.

And finally, a heads up to check out Alpha Stamps and their yahoo group. I'd bet my bottom dollar that you'll be interested in some of the upcoming themes and swaps they'll be hosting. Here's some super cute examples from their recent "Beach Postcard" swap.

by Karen Cejka
 by Mollie Huddleston

by Carmen Willis

Now, I'm off to stuff some ice down my shirt in a sad attempt to cool down. Keep cool kiddies!


  1. Summer baby, whaddya gonna do? (Love the fairification of the trees!)

  2. OH my I just found you and then I see you already follow me... Oh my i feel as if it was fate! your ballet shoe is just magical... that one lucky person who finds it.... it is really lovely to meet you
    hugs wendy

  3. How sweet of you to leave a fae gift. Lucky finder. I'll bet they will treasure it forever. You act of magic.
    Keep smiling and creating. Thanks for sharing.

  4. A wonderfully charming Tree! :0)
    Do you leave a business card with your lovely treasures?

  5. Thanks all :) I don't Jeanne. My recent pieces have had an email address that the finder can write to if they want to relay a message but it's anonymous.