Monday, July 09, 2012

A tribute to St. Expedite

I have a great fondness for the Saints and one of my new found favourites it St. Expedite. There's not a heck of a lot known about this fella but what we do know is that he works fast in times of need.

As you would make payment for other jobs that have been completed, St. Expedite must also be given his due. Usually an offering of a slice of pound cake, flowers and public thanks is given. I told St. Expedite that I would repay him by creating something in his honour. And so, I have made some St. Expedite ACEO's to give him thanks and spread his name.
I have three St. Expedite cards to give away. The background is vintage hymnal paper and will vary from the image above. Send an email with your address to info(at) and I'll randomly select three people to send to.

If you don't find a St. Expedite in your mailbox, you are welcome to use the above image to print your own.