Thursday, July 12, 2012

My wild prince and the fabric crowns

I adore my kidlet. I love him with all of my self. Every single inch of him. He's funny, handsome, terribly sensitive, sweet and sophisticated (as sophisticated as you can be at 9). Here's my wild prince with a glint of trouble in his eyes... cheeky bugger.

My kidlet is wearing a fabric crown, one of a bunch I've stitched up to take to the Brighton Streetfest this Saturday.

They're all a bit different. With vintage buttons and scraps of lace attached....

It did occur to me that perhaps I shouldn't include buttons or baubles. That they may fall off and pose a chocking hazard for some button eating child!

But then I realized that kids clothes have buttons.

Hmmmm, maybe I'll put a warning on them anyway... just to be safe.

P.S. I mentioned working with the saints this other day, in particular St. Expedite. I'd like to add here that I am not Catholic (although I did go to Catholic school and all that jazz when I was a kid) but that saints don't mind one bit that you don't go to a particular church (or one at all). Perhaps those holy beings agree that having faith doesn't mean that you have to subscribe to a certain religion. Interesting thought, no? Anywho, if you're thinking of doing some saintly work do a quick search and you'll find loads and loads of information. My favourite witchy author Judika Illes also has a book out called Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints & Sages you might want to check out :)