Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Saint Expeditus

Another piece to St. Expeditus...
This piece was created in one half of a wooden checkerboard box. The old watch at the top of the work symbolizes St. Expeditus' choice to act now. Today, this is most often depicted as a cross with the word "hodie" ("today") on it. At his feet there is a feather and the word "Cras", which sounds very much like the call of a crow but is also Latin for "Tomorrow". You'll usually see a dead crow under his right foot with a scroll or ribbon with the word on it, a symbol of his defeat over procrastination. This saint can be called upon when you need action, quick money, or overcome your own bad habit of procrastinating.

A thousand hymns to glorious Expeditus,
Who shed his blood in Armenia,
Whose name was written in the sky,
And gained the laurel of martyrdom.
—Hymn to Saint Expeditus


  1. Oooh! A favourite saint! I especially like the uniform - much better than the usual Roman get-up. Was this done on spec, for a commission, or because you were in need of a bit of help from St.E. himself?

  2. Lovely! I never knew there was an anti-procrastination saint, but I should probably think of him more often!

  3. Classy jacket on St. Expeditus! He means business.

  4. Fabulous work Nichola, I have just been snooping round to see those magnificent paintings and bits and pieces. Can't believe a certain person would dare to 'steal' from you, hope it doesn't happen again.
    Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment, I so appreciate it.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  5. Beautiful! I really love the things I've seen from you so far. Such a great style!