Sunday, September 02, 2012

At this very moment...

If you came to our house at this very moment you'd find the whole place smelling like tomato soup, the table covered in stuff, the sink full of pots and the dog napping gloomily on the floor.

It's the last weekend of summer and we're spending it at home, puttering. The husband is canning and tending the garden. The kid is playing video games and plucking the partridges. I am baking pies and sorting socks. Not an exciting 'bang' to the end of summer... more like a few comforting lazy-ish days.

I know the kid isn't looking forward to returning to school on Tuesday. On the other hand, I'm looking forward to having a schedule again and being able to clean the house without hearing "Mum! Mum! Mum!" 23 times every ten minutes. On the other, other hand, I'll miss that boy. He's good company, funny, and keeps me on my toes. It'll be awfully quiet without him around.

Ah well, we can all take great comfort in knowing that although the summer has passed, autumn is on the way. Warm wooly sweaters, camp fires, coco, turning leaves and all of that. Not a bad trade if you ask me ;)