Tuesday, November 06, 2012


It's definitely coming... dreamy, white, glittery snow! I can feel it in the air and I've seen a flake here and there. I'm quite certain Jack Frost is on his way.

Winter at the Pixie house = loads of lovely things. Sledding down the hill to the school bus stop, skating on the outdoor rink, gallons of hot chocolate and snowball fights. I am confident, given the number of times I've been whacked by snowballs, that they are indeed rather cheeky.

Here's a few pics of this years fresh batch of cheeky snowballs...

AND for the very first time, there's two available in the etsy shop. I've made two dozen of the wee things and most are already spoken. There will be a few more listed over the next while but there won't be many unless I haul ass and hit a time warp to make another batch :P