Sunday, December 30, 2012


I don't think of myself as being a terribly romantic person. I don't often think of wooing and the whisperings of sweet nothings. Once in a blue moon however, I'll dream of a handsome stranger who will say something so lovely that my heart does a little flip... there must be something rather gooey deep down inside of me.

I decided to create a few sets of limited edition handmade ACEO's inspired by these visitations. It seems fitting to use images from from my vintage photo collection as my dream men are always rather more tender and courtly rather than slick and sexy. It's nothing overtly romantic that gets my attention, it's a certain thoughtful tenderness that gets me. And so, here are my quiet men...

Limited Edition of 7 - etsty listing

 Limited Edition of 7 - etsty listing

 Limited Edition of 9 - etsty listing