Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Makers Church

I've been keeping this one under wraps for a while because it was a Christmas gift and Pixie's don't like to ruin surprises... especially holiday ones :)

My last house of 2012 was the Makers Church. It's a little place of holy comfort and mess making. It's now at home with the queen of the fairy makers and I really and truly hope she loves it.

The door is made from an old discarded hymnal.

I'm fairly certain all houses should have rooftop picnic areas.

This was going to be a bell tower, but not all fairies are fond of bells... indeed, it frightens some away! And so it became a story room.

There's a knotted rope ladder to get up there... for guests who don't have wings.

A leaf and twig bed with feather cover, moss pillow and fuzzy slippers.

Every fairy queen needs a crown.

A lovely messy workroom.

A spot for painting dragonfly and fairy wings.

Baskets of goodies for creating fairy finery.

I hope your Christmas's were merry and bright and your New Year is filled with dreamy delights :)


Much love from the mess maker and her pixies