Saturday, December 01, 2012

Two Turtle Dove Houses

The fab folks at Alpha Stamps are hosting a 12 Days of Christmas event. I'm a lucky duck and got the number 2 to work with. I decided to stick with tradition (sort of) and make two turtle dove houses.

They're pretty darned cute and I'm going to show you how you can make your own!

Grab an old teacup and a chunk of florist oasis. Shave, cut and trim the oasis until it fits snugly into the cup.

Glue the oasis in place and then cover the top with white glue and create a mossy lawn. This is just loose moss, but you could use sheet moss as well.

Next I added some beautiful Mica Fragments - Pearlized which look just like antique snow. You could leave this step to the end but I found it easiest to do it at this point. Now your base is complete!


For the little house, I've used Paper Mache Birdhouses. To make life easier I simply pulled out the perch and worked with it as a flat surface.

I covered the sides in different papers from the same colour pallet for interest and added a cute  Ruffle Edge Trim - Cream.

The roof is made using Velvet Ric Rac. Starting at the bottom edge just apply strips. When your glue has dried you can just snip off the extra rough edges.

To hide the cut edge, I applied a Thin Fleur Dresden Border.  That background? It's Aesop’s Fables - Tortoises and Hares Collage Sheet. Using an image for the background is a great way to add visual interest to a piece.

To the peak of the roof I added a Black Zig Zag Dresden Border, and rolled a piece of coordinating  scrapbook paper (this is the reverse side of Botanicabella: Birds in Paradise) and a couple of vintage buttons to finish it off the ends.

Now for the real fun part. Adding embellishments! Whoever said "Less is more" probably wasn't a crafter. Here I've added, Brass Turtle Doves, paper embellishments and Clear Acrylic Bead Sprays.

To create the stand I took a piece of wooden dowling and painted it white. Then I wrapped a ribbon around it (I used  3/8 Inch Iridescent Ribbon). A perfectly striped effect! 

Top your striped dowel with a Small Wooden Box Foot, and affix it to the bottom of the house. When dried, you can push the dowel right into the oasis base and it should hold your house firmly in place.

Finally I added some Christmas Pixies and paper trees to my scenes. I used my new favourite, the Little Darlings CS Sheet. This sheet really is fab! Each of the kidlets appears in twice, once in reverse, so that you can paste it back to back, leaving a clean and neat backside. Add wings and crowns and you're turtle doves will have their very own little pixie guardians. 

Here's the materials list for both houses in case you want to make your very own:
Old teacups, Florist oasis, Glue, Moss, Buttons



  1. Beautiful and so creative!

  2. Just too cute for words. Love, love it.

  3. Adorable, crazy and sweet! The best of everything! Hugs

  4. Just made some similar ones. Mine are cute but these are incredible! Think I better go embellish some more!

  5. So stinkin cute!!! What an adorable idea! I can see using your child's photo for a pixie for a teacher gift!!!
    Thanks for the ideas!!

  6. These are so adorable and creative! I don't have time to make one now but I know I'll be coming back to read the instructions again in a couple of months. Thank you!xx

  7. I saw this in my Alpha Stamps newsletter today! I knew it was one of your clever creations right away :). It turned out great.

  8. Love your two turtle dove little houses! Just adorable.

  9. These are absolutely adorable!

  10. Love your project - so well done! I laughed when I read "Whoever said that less is more, probably wasn't a crafter." I can SO relate! LOL

  11. Such a great project and wonderful tutorial! Saving my tea cups!
    hugs Lynn

  12. I knew as soon as I saw these on Alpha Stamps that you had to be the Artist!! These are absolutely adorable.

    Take care,