Monday, December 03, 2012

Who knew a left thumb was so important?

I've been crafting at half pace over the past week because I sliced my thumb off.

Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration.

I didn't slice the whole thing off, and it was my left thumb...

...but I did do quite a number on it. ANYWAY, it's healing nicely but the tip is totally numb. I never realized how much I need my left thumb (especially in making little things). Kinda miffs me that it's being a bit of a jerk and not helping out as much as it should :P

Still, I have been making stuff and here's a few things you might want to peek at...

Pixie Books and Sleepy Moons nestled on the Christmas tree in the studio. I'm getting ready for my Christmas Open House this Saturday and so the place is looking rather seasonal. If it would just snow a little I'd be bursting with that holly jolly holiday spirit!

And below, a trio of Christmas ravens about to make a long journey to Western Canada. Ho ho ho!

Be good to your thumbs my lovelies... you never know when one will try to jump ship.



  1. Oh, ouch! That really hurts! I know because I did something nearly the same about two months ago. I guess the nerve endings are so sensitive on the ends of your fingers and thumbs! Any way that sucks (no pun intended!!) with having that in the month of Dec when there is so much crafting, cooking, etc going on. Hope it heals really, really quickly. I Love your posts & artwork!

  2. OUCH is right!! Know exactly how you feel on this one as I did the same thing. Amazing how much we use our thumbs and don't even realize it until we can't. I hope it heals quickly as I look forward to seeing everything you create!!

    Take care,