Monday, January 28, 2013

Toadstool Cottages

I made these this weekend...

There's something so perfect about a toadstool being transformed into a fairy cottage or gnome home. It's completely logical.

They measure approximately 4.5" tall. The toadstools are paper mache, the doors are wood, the little knob is a tiny metal brad, add some moss, some gorgeous little paper roses and 'Ta da!'


I've made four in all. This one has been listed on etsy,
I think the others will be sent to local shops.


  1. Soo very sweet. I've always felt the same way about toadstools too :)

  2. Those are so adorable, please think about making a giant one with a little bed and fairy lights, so cute for a little girls bedroom!

  3. I am so enamored with these little houses. You're the best fairy realtor around!

  4. Love these little cottages that you made to pieces.