Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Fairy real-estate

I know the poll still has a day or so left but I think the best solution for the Borrower's Box is to abandon it. When I was making that particular box I wasn't thinking about shipping and the thought of it being bounced around frightens the bejebuz out of  me. Plus, I think the postal carriers are in training for soccer season at the mo'.


I thought that auctioning a custom Borrower's Box might be an even better idea! This way I can keep shipping logistics in mind when creating it. Someone gets a custom piece of art, the library gets a cool piece for the kidlets, my mind is at ease about shipping. Win for everyone!

And so, to raise funds for the Pixie Project I'm offering a custom Borrower's style fairy box house. The winning bidder will be sent a questionaire and I'll create a fairy abode based on the answers.The best part? It's a true auction starting at just a penny.

What are you waiting for? Jump over to the WebStore listing and bid! Bidding ends February 14th.

P.S. Why not eBay? I haven't sold on eBay in years. They take a rather large portion of the pie AND are a huge pain in the bum while doing so. WebStore had the second highest comparison rating of the largest bidding sites and offer free listings. It may not be pretty, there may be ads, but it does the trick.