Thursday, February 21, 2013

New and Improved Pesky Piskie Photos

Thanks to the sunshine (and the realization that my macro setting was somehow turned off) I have some improved pictures of the captured Cornish Piskie!

Here she is, sitting still for just a moment. Piskies do not sit still for long. If you happen to capture one, you must act quickly and be very patient in order to get a good photograph.

It was quite dangerous of me to remove the lid, I could have lost a finger! Thanks to BLiSsAngELs for the suggestion that a nibble of cake might appease her for a short while, I was only nipped twice. 

How big is she? Well her box measures just 5" tall, and don't worry, the lid, once again, is firmly in place.


  1. So Cute! you are so imaginative and creative!!!! Always love your blog posts! Thank you!