Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ode to Stash Joy Shrine

So there's this sad little box that has been in my stash for ages. At some point I had painted it black, gave it glittery yellow interior and some sparkly red trim but it sat in my 'to do' drawer for about 3 years untouched. That is until yesterday when I got a bit 'stuck'. When I get stuck I try to get myself going again by cleaning up my mess. When doing so yesterday, I came across the little black box. I thought that it might be a nice little project to get the mess making juices going again...
I just began gluing things down and eventually it became a shrine to the all of the little bits in my stash that never get used. You know, all those beads and sequins and things that sit around and rarely get used and you think "I can't get rid of those! What if I need 10,000 star sequins one day?"


Anyway I rather like it. It feels lovely and heavy in your hands. It's a bit of a mess... but a hot mess... and I think it's rather joyous in it's sparkly goodness.

I'm thinking I'll make a larger one next time and REALLY go to town using those old stashy things that have gone far too long without attention.